Thursday, April 19, 2012

How far will technology take us?

Alright people its been a fairly long time since I've posted an article and I would like you all to know that this maybe my last article on this site. Instead i have plans (plans that are still in the contemporary phase) to make a new blog which will feature more frequent articles (I hope) and on varying topics by authors other than myself as well. So in lieu of this bitter sweet ending I would like to bring you a little taste of the future as I hope it will be.

I was there when the smartphone revolution took place and is still taking place. I was not as interested about such things back then as i am now, but nevertheless I was there and I witnessed the evolution of technology. We went from phones of which the greatest feature was having a colour screen to phones that can do virtually anything. desktop computers are now threatened by the advent of tablet PC's such the iPad. But how much further can technology go? Below is a concept video on the future of tech as we know it,


Amazing isn't it? Another video I stumbled upon is Samsung's flexible AMOLED screen and this one is actually in development right now! check it out,

They even featured a prototype at CES 2011 (in case your wondering its the Consumer Electronics Show held every year and is awesome)

But if you thought that was cool wait till you get a load of this bad boy,

To be perfectly honest this one is not going to be available anytime soon, but it is in development and Sergey Brin (co-founder of Google) was seen wearing a prototype of it so they are definitely taking it seriously. There you have it folks that's the future as one can imagine it to look like. There are hundreds of concept videos out there that are just awesome, but I chose these ones because they seem like the most likely to come true and I do believe that many are already in development and hopefully will come out in the near future (fingers crossed).

So the next time I hope to bring you far better content on  bigger and better site.